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Download this, that aswell, that too! Crap, I need a bigger drive

26th August 2015 — by That IT Guy0


For a while now I’ve been using a certain script (which by the way, is awfully done, does not index properly on search engines, and lacks the most obvious features) on websites from several clients. From using it I promptly discovered that it isn’t very well done as I ment¡ioned in that parenthesis, and by mentioning that which is supposed to be a note on my text (yes, a parenthesis), am I breaking the fourth wall? Is that… allowed?

I did a bad thing

Either way, I spent a considerable amount of time fixing this script (to the best of my limited programing knowledge) in order to, at the very least, fulfill basic needs. You could, however, ask, but That IT Guy, couldn’t you just have used a different script? Well Sure! That was my first thought… except it would seem no one has ever needed a downloads section in a WordPress based website, ever, in the whole time websites have existed, again, ever….

…even thought phpnuke brought that as part of the standard package, as the original content management system over a decade ago…oops!

So anyhow, back on track, you get the resulting benefits of those hard-working (not really), generous paying (again, not really) clients!

What does that mean? Well, once a week (on Thursdays to be precise), you’ll get an Application Thursday” post (I absolutely refuse to call them “APPs” as the trend seems to be thanks to overly expensive devices we carry in our pockets, in which I… well… recommend an application, or program, based on my own daily experiences, after which, for your convenience, you’ll be able to download from the downloads section right on this website (aside from other applications I deemed appropriate to upload without having the need to talk about them).

And all that without having to go through countless “No thanks” screens, clicks, fake “download now” buttons and your antivirus going crazy? YES! I know! Amazing right!? …right?

So come back tomorrow!

EDIT: The downloads section is up 🙂